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Mia is a queer UK based artist who has been (sometimes questionably) emersing themself into the world of art for eight years. After discovering the manga section in their school library, Mia was drawn to the soft characters and softer colours, which inspired them to take up art in an attempt to recreate the books they spent so long reading.

Mia works in both traditional and digital mediums, favouring watercolours over all. Their current interests in macabre subjects, spiritualism and plants has led them down a path of painting pretty boys with with yellow halos and floral surroundings. All of their current works feature flora with conotations relating to themes drawn from the Victorian movement of the Language of Flowers. As well as this, they are majorly inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the early 1900s and the high detail figures of the Pre Raphaelite era.

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Mia is the artist and writer of ongoing LGBTQ+ comic "Portal Home", a story inspired by the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice about a couple trying to find a home together when they hail from different worlds. "Portal Home" can be found and read on Tapas and Webtoons.

Mia was the cover artist and page illuminator for Queer zine, Pinkwashed Quartely, a zine dedicated to the revival of the 1890s counter culture and following the ideals of the Arts and crafts movement, from 2019 to 2020 when the Zine was retired. They now illustrate for the soon to be released queer literary zine, The Mausoleum, featuring new romantic, decadent, and aesthetic poetry and prose.

Since 2018, Mia has been tabeling at conventions across England, including London Film and Comic Con, London Anime and Gaming Con, Tokonatsu, Milton Keynes Comic Con, and Aylesbury Geeky Con XL.

In August 2018, Mia showcased their art series 'Drink Your Gender' at People Power on Paper, an art exhibition at Cave Pimlico, showcasing young artists and their art discussing modern social progress.

In November 2019, Mia colloborated with Wild and Kind CIC, a 'Profit for Purpose' organisation tackling lonliness and isolation of women and marganalised gender groups. Together, Mia and the Wild and Kind team created their t-shirt 'Be Strong'.

Alongside their art, Mia is a fulltime plant parent and undergraduate Biotechnology student.

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